NAMELESS tells the story of a man who after suffering a serious car accident is hospitalized in intensive care unit of a burns area. The nurse who helps is his rehabilitation is six months pregnant. This fact further strengthens the relationship, apparently impersonal.


Indie Lisboa - National Competition, PT, 2010 — SIGNIS Award
AVANCA Film Festival – Meeting of Cinema, TV e Mulimedia, PT, 2010

> 11º Festival Internacional de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ES, 2010

> Malaposta Cultural Centre, PT, 2010

INATEL Lisboa, PT, 2010

Festival Curtas em Flagrante!, PT, 2010

> ShortCutz, Lisboa, PT, 2010

ShortCutz, Porto, PT, 2010

Faial Film Festival - Açores, PT, 2010

Cinema Mundo, BR, 2010

Kimera Film Festival, IT, 2011

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