Suspension: act or effect of suspending; state of something that is suspended; perplexity, ecstasy; uncertainty, doubt; hesitation, pause; interrupted or incomplete sense; sustaining a musical note; pause signal; kind of incomplete mirage.

As a starting point I wanted to explore the concept of improvisation as it is explore in music.
I began to edit the film in silence, composing possible rhythms with pictures for an imaginary song. I was sending visual threads and excerpts to Pedro that he was using as inspiration for his composing process. After a while, he start sending me threads and musical excerpts for me to use as inspiration for my editing work. This creative ping pong images and sounds made us arrived to a word, an idea, which resulted in this film.

Music composed by Pedro Guedes and played by Orquestra de Jazz de Matosinhos.
Comissioned and presented at Casa da Música, Oporto (February, 2013)