TAKE IT EASY / EASYLAB presents the short animated film "MACABRE"

*No one will be admitted at the theatre after the beginning of MACABRE!


Produced by… Frederico Serra
Directed by… Jerónimo Rocha / João Miguel Real
Director of Animation… João Miguel Real
Art Director… Jerónimo Rocha
Production Manager… Bruno Caetano
Development Team… Jerónimo Rocha / João Miguel Real / Leonor Pacheco / Bruno Caetano / Tiago Xavier
Animation… João Miguel Real / Leonor Pacheco
Additional Animation… Tiago Xavier / Bruno Caetano / Ricardo Jeremias
Additional Art… Leonor Pacheco
Compositing… João Miguel Real

Music By… Filipe Lopes
Performed by the Ensemble mpmp
Violin… Daniel Bolito
Cello… Tiago Rosa
Flute… Tatiana Nunes Rosa
Clarinet… Miguel Costa
Piano… Isa Nunes
Conducted by… Jan Wierzba
Recorded at Estudios Namouche

Sound Design & Mix… Henrique Lima, Som de Lisboa
Color Screening… Loudness
Production Accountant… António Selas

The Authors wish to thank:
James Pearcey, Todd Brown, Tiago Guedes,
Porta-Jazz, João Pedro Brandão, Ana Isabel Oliveira, Alexandre Correia,
Frederic Cardoso, Hugo Raro, Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro,
Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Andreia Nunes, Janine Lages, Sara Marques.

This project was granted the support for completion from
ICA, Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual.

Animated at EASYLAB Studios, Lisbon.

A TAKE IT EASY Production.